Air Conditioning Services

Formed in 2000, Hatherleigh Motor Services have many years of experience in vehicle Air conditioning.

Do you have the new style air conditioning gas – 1234YF in your vehicle?  You may not even be aware that you do but when your air-con service is due you will find that not all garages will carry the new style machine to re-gas the 1234YF air-con gas.

  • An estimated 10% of Air-Con gas permeates from the system every year.
  • Air-Con systems need recharging with gas & lubricant every 2 years.

Most vehicles are fitted with air conditioning and climate control systems as standard these days. We are all familiar with using air-con in our vehicles on both hot days in summer and during the colder & wet days throughout the winter months. During the winter months your air-con system creates dry warm air rather than humid air from the outside therefore this de-mists your vehicles windscreen more quickly. Having your Air Conditioning serviced and cleaned regularly improves efficiency and also removes fungal build up. This is an effective treatment ensuring that the system works properly and leaves a pleasant odour.


  • Fungus may build up in the vehicle's ducting system causing 'stale' smells in your car which could also aggravate medical conditions such as allergies and asthma etc.
  • A fully charged system works more efficiently and controls temperature more effectively.
  • The system also filters out the large pollen particles from the air which can reduce the effects of hay fever.
  • Blocked filters can place the Air Conditioning system under increased load which could also increase fuel consumption.
  • As well as cooling in the summer, Air Conditioning systems provide excellent demisting capabilities in the winter months.



    How we can help

    Our team offers a complete air conditioning recharge service  – request an appointment and one of our team we be in contacted shortly. Within 60 minutes the whole recharge process is completed.

    All our team have been put though vigorous air conditioning training and are fully F-Gas trained they hold refrigerant F-gas handling Qualification certificate so you can sit tight whilst feeling cool and safe in their hands.

    Why the new style gas?

    If you are wondering why the need for a new style then you’ll be interested to read that the main difference between the old style gas (R134) and the new 1234YF gas is down to its environmental credentials. The old R134 gas has a significantly higher global warming potential than the new gas. If the gas leaks from a car or van’s air conditioning system then it has a higher impact on the environment.  So you will be happy to know your carbon footprint is reducing as far as your vehicle is concerned!

    There is an increase in price for the new style air-conditioning gas as currently there are only a few suppliers providing the 1234YF gas.  The cost will come down eventually as demand rises.

    Air conditioning diagnostic service

    We offer a full range of Air conditioning Diagnostic services including the very latest technology in leak tracing.

    We offer the following as standard:

    • Check temperature of air con output before any servicing
    • Carry out visual inspection of air con ribbed belt (if accessible)
    • Carry out visual inspection of air con compressor and end pulley (if accessible)
    • Carry out visual inspection of air con pipes (if accessible)
    • Carry out recovery of refrigerant gas
    • Carry out evacuation of air and moisture from system
    • Carry out a vacuum leak check
    • Recharge system with correct amount of refrigerant gas
    • Add fresh air conditioning oil to system
    • Carry out temperature check of air con system
    • Visually check pollen filter (if accessible)
    • Add anti-bacterial additive to clear build-up of bacteria and unpleasant smells
    • Add UV dye to aid identification of any potential leaks if needed